TV-10 Station Manager Looks To Keep Moving Forward

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By Maxwell Inskeep

TV-10 Station Manager, Anna Wischmann, discusses the future of the student-run organization. She believes it will still be a success after she graduates. © 2016 Maxwell Inskeep

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire TV-10 Station Manager Anna Wischmann has been involved with the student-run organization throughout her college career. © 2016 Maxwell Inskeep

As long as she can remember, Anna Wischmann wanted to be involved with broadcasting.

“Coming in as a freshman, I wanted to be in sports broadcasting,” said the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire senior. “Being a part of TV-10 made me realize that that’s not the career path I want to take. But TV-10 has still helped me get to where I want to be with my major in public relations, so I like trying new positions.”

Wischmann works for TV-10, a student organization on UW-Eau Claire’s campus.

As station manager, Wischmann strives to improve TV-10 by communicating with the university, assuring that everything is running smoothly, and helping people do their job of keeping the community informed.

“Best decision I ever made,” said Wischmann. “It’s a really fun environment and honestly, you learn so much from it.”

Wischmann has been involved with TV-10 for three years, a total of five semesters. As a public relations major, she uses TV-10 to maintain her communication skills and develop strong relationships amongst her peers across the university.

She does so by checking in with employees and crew members, such as Luke Young. As a junior at UW-Eau Claire, Young is in charge of his own show and also helps with producing content for each show that is broadcasted. Young works with Wischmann works to make sure that all crew members are moving forward and not skipping a beat. Wischmann wants to assure that TV-10 is successful, functions properly and maintains a good image while representing the university.

“She’s available to anyone needs who needs anything,” said Young. “She’s a really good communicator and part of being a good communicator is that she’s easy to talk to.”

On top of making sure that things are scheduled as planned, Wischmann manages 50 employees and six shows and is present for every broadcast, to offer support and guidance for anyone who needs it.

“She really does care about the people here,” Young said. “And she just wants everyone to do the best they can.”

UW-Eau Claire senior and TV-10 event planner, Katie Cudnowski, uses Wischmann as a way to motivate herself to keep working hard. As Cudnowski’s role as an event planner can often be stressful.

“Anna keeps everything together,” said Cudnowski. “She’s very organized and on top of things and keeps things running smoothly.”

Wischmann is deeply involved with each show, although she may not be on camera or on the screen, behind the scenes she continuously puts forth the effort needed to maintain the show, keeping it in-sync and on point.

“She holds people accountable for their shows, like the tasks that they have to be doing,” Cudnowski said. “She’s very encouraging and makes you feel good about what you’re doing.”

Wischmann’s motivation allows for a positive work environment, which is important when working with 50 crew members.

Throughout Wischmann’s three years with TV-10 she has been involved with both reporting and broadcasting. TV-10 now broadcasts live sports on game days.

Community members and students can watch live broadcasts of men’s and women’s basketball, softball, football and hockey. Some families aren’t able to see their sons or daughters play. The live coverage provides community members an opportunity to see university sports, without having to leave their home or dorm room.

“We got so many compliments about that,” Wischmann said. “Especially hockey, because we have guys from all over.”

Wischmann also manages a news show, where TV-10 crew members go out into the community and report on events held in the City of Eau Claire or on campus.

Such events may include book talks, presentations, presidential campaign rallies, university sports or other university organizations that may want time on TV.

Wischmann’s role for TV-10 aims to keep the organization moving forward and maintain it’s solid relationship with the surrounding community and informing the public on university events, and those that take place in Eau Claire’s community.


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TV-10 Station Manager Looks To Keep Moving Forward