Eau Claire’s stand up: Local comedy support prompts ambitious goals

When they first began stand-up comedy at The Plus, Clear Water Comedy Club members Jordan Duroe and Christina Wolff remember their small post in the corner of the restaurant.

Duroe recalls the initial crowds, and credits the Eau Claire community’s devotion to the arts for the growth in support.

Now, between 30-40 people attend each event on average, paying tickets and laughing raucously at the jokes performed by local and Minneapolis, Minnesota comedians. The club has welcomed venerated comedians such as Andy Erikson and Kyle Kinane (the voice of Comedy Central).

Wolff was one of the few female comics in Eau Claire at the time of the club’s beginning. Through talking with others, Wolff said she hopes the numbers of female comics in the club will continue to grow.

There’s a difference between talking with women and men about comedy, she said, where women tend to feel more hesitant toward the idea of picking up stand-up comedy.

Duroe expressed an interest in seeing a growth in the core members of the club. The efforts put into each show, he said, can make it difficult for the 7-10 members the club to fit everything in. Several of the comics have moved to Minneapolis as the “next step up” in their comedy careers.

Members from the club perform at The Plus Thursdays at 8 p.m..

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