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Local Leader takes Firm by Storm

May 15, 2018

Hattie Salzman shows her love for taking action by playing a leadership role in almost every club at the Univeristy of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

“I can build up my resume and my portfolio, along with getting my foot in the door before I graduate” said Salzman, who is the director of the public relations at Ignite, a training facility in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

Salzman is a full-time student while also being involved in various clubs and activities around campus.

“Being involved in so many organizations has made it a bit more stressful, so I am not able to have free time,” said Salzman. “One my struggles is trying to find another firm to work with Ignite. This can take away from my social time and studying.” 

Hattie Salzman working the front desk at Ignite.
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Salzman is also a member of the Fight Against Cancer club, through which she coordinates events and contacts new clients. Salzman also helps the Stanley Correctional Institution of Education by working on their public relations to help get the word out about their education program. Meanwhile Salzman is able to talk with the inmates at the facility about their school work and gives them insight into her college career and explain the benefits she gets from a valuable education experience.

As director of public relations at Eau Claires Ignite location, Salzman is able to give back to the community and work with other training facilities. Through meetings and conference calls Salzman is able to collaborate with other facilities that are working hard to care for Eau Claire citizens and get them on track for a healthy lifestyle.

“Growing up I have always thought that there can be improvements in every aspect of someone’s life and we should work hard to keep improving on ourselves, whether it is mental or physical health,” said Salzman. “Here at Ignite I am able to encourage others to do so.”

Salzman is studying public relations and international business at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. She does not let her studies get in the way of pursuing her aspirations of one day becoming the Universities, Student President.

Not only does she love her work at Ignite and the challenges it brings into her everyday life, but becoming director will open up many doors for her Student Senate work at the Eau Claire univeristy.

 “The past Ignite director asked if I wanted to apply for the position and that has been one of the greatest compliments of my career so far,” said Salzman. “She is an incredible employee and we will miss working with her every day.” 

Being so involved has given Salzman years of experience working with others. She has also experienced what helps other companys improve. Salzman is able to incorporate ideas into the Ignite facility that allows members to enjoy their experience at the training facility even more.

“Its made it a bit more stressful so I am not able to have as much free time. One my struggles is trying to find another training facility to collaborate with Ignite. This can take away from my social time and studying.”

Katie Prescott, a trainer at Ignite, has known and worked with Salzman at Ignite for the last year.

“I have loved this company and what they do ever since I took my first training class two years ago,” said Katie.” A year ago I decided to join the team and going through the interview process with Hattie was such a joy.” 

“She is truly a great member of the team and has already done incredible things for our company,” said Katie. “Because of her work, Ignite has been able to expand and collaborate with other training facilities.” 

“Hattie has an incredible smile and positive attitude that has brought in so many new clients that I have been able to train. It is all thanks to Hattie,” said Katie. 

Salzman plans to live in Eau Claire this summer to pursue her career at Ignite and to keep her role as director of public relations at Ignite.

“My favorite part is the networking and the different companies that I get to work with. I love one on one interaction and being director lets me work with a variety of clients on our networking tours.” said Salzman. “I hope to make this company proud.” 

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