Keena Lindberg aspires to become family business owner after her father

By Lydia Ishmael

Moving up in the family business, Keena Lindberg, takes a huge part in running the Eau Claire Ford Lincoln dealership.

Twelve years ago, Rick Mohr, Keena Lindberg’s father, purchased the Ford Lincoln dealership that is just south of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Originally from South Dakota, Lindberg’s family picked up everything to move out to Wisconsin to run the Ford Lincoln dealership as a family business after Mohr established ownership. Lindberg now runs the Quick Lane portion of the dealership where numerous customers come in every day to get tires checked and their vehicle’s oil changed, among other maintenance done. On top of that, she also does the marketing and some advertising for their business—many of her various advertisements can be heard on radio or be seen on television in the Eau Claire area.

Keena Lindberg currently runs the Quick Lane portion of the dealership, and has been running it for a couple of years. ©2018 Lydia Ishmael

Alongside her, Lindberg’s husband assists in the business as the General Sales Manager and so does her brother who is a Service Manager.

But similar to her father, Keena Lindberg did not start here. After finishing dealership school, where she learned the various departments of dealerships and sales, she went on to help her father’s family business in various smaller roles. She has done everything from sales, parts and services, to cleaning jobs—and still does some of those on top of what else she does now. Eventually, she worked her way up to managing the Quick Lane and doing some advertising. Looking ahead, she only aspires to move further up in the business and will eventually take ownership following her father’s retirement.

“Ownership is the dream,” Lindberg said. Within the next 10 years, she is set to take over as owner of the dealership when her father retires, because “keeping it a family business is important.”

Lindberg loves to work and grow alongside those she works with, even those who are not direct family. According to Lindberg, evolving the business involves everyone. So besides ownership, that is what Lindberg aspires to do: evolve the business. Specifically, they are working towards offering more vehicle customization and other options in the future for customers.

Customers already think very highly of her and the way she runs the Quick Lane portion of the business.

“She is very professional in how she runs the place,” Mark Grean, a Quick Lane customer said, “and I am always pleased with the way she does things. An oil change may seem simple, but Keena and her employees make sure you are completely taken care of and satisfied before you drive away.”

Other customers had similar statements when asked about their opinion on Keena and her management of the Quick Lane. It is clear that she has things under control and customers always notice her employees’ consistent work.

Outside of the buzz of the dealership and the Quick Lane, and the busy schedule that comes with it, Lindberg focuses on her family and her two dogs.

“I may work with my family all day, but they are my focus outside of work. We spend all of our time together,” she said. Lindberg recently added a member to the family, Henrik, who is her 5-month-old son. He is her biggest commitment next to running the Quick Lane, which she has been doing for nearly 2 years.

Other than her family and the family business that are a part of her schedule day in and day out, Lindberg finds time for some other activities and commitments as well. Lindberg loves to shop, and seeks out good deals. Also, she is a part of the Women’s Giving Circle of Eau Claire, which helps women and children in need by giving out grants and donations. Lindberg believes it is important to give back to the community and to contribute to those who are in need, especially if you are able to do so.

“She is a very friendly and open person and is always willing to help people out,” said Tina Rupp, an old friend and coworker of Lindberg, “but she is also hard-working and can be stern in her position, which is good. She keeps things under control.”

The Ford Lincoln Eau Claire dealership is located at the south end of Eau Claire along the interstate. ©2018 Lydia Ishmael

Focusing on her family and the satisfaction of her customers, Keena Lindberg has accomplished a lot in her life so far, and yet she knows she can go even further. Grateful for her family and for her father’s guidance, Lindberg knows she can only move forward and have them by her side. Being persistent, open-minded and generous has gotten her to where she is today, and she encourages others to get out and go for the things they aspire, because according to Lindberg, “you will be surprised where the small things in life can take you. The small steps are important.”


Keena Lindberg at Quick Lane : (715) 852-1002