Diversifying over the decades

UW-Eau Claire has made it a priority to bring more people of color to campus


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The BCC, a room in Centennial dedicated to people of color. This room offers a nice lounging space with couches, a microwave, and a fridge.

The City of Eau Claire has been predominantly white throughout its entire history. However, the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire has proposed a plan to change that. By recruiting and retaining more students of color, they hope that this can lead to similar changes in the community.

Two faculty members who have been crucial in this movement are Dr. Rose-Marie Avin and Mr. Dennis Beale. Dr. Avin is the eldest black teacher on campus who laid much of the groundwork for people of color to begin feeling more comfortable in Eau Claire. Mr. Beale created BME, Black Male Empowerment. An organization on campus dedicated to people of color.

Although there have been positive changes made on campus, there is still work to be done. Some students of color on campus still admit to being uncomfortable at times, and suggest more be done if they want to retain black students at a higher clip.

UW-Eau Claire is moving in a different direction though.