Several veterans opposed to Trump intentions with the War in Afghanistan

Military presence in Afghanistan necessary according to veterans of varying conflicts

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Some veterans from current U.S. engagements and from back as far as the Vietnam War disagree with President Donald Trump’s intentions to end U.S. military actions in the Middle East.

The War in Afghanistan recently passed the Vietnam War as the longest lasting conflict in U.S. history, according to the United States government.  

President Donald Trump expressed his desire to end all military actions in Afghanistan over the past months but has yet to propose any exit strategies.

Despite the ongoing violence, some veterans of the military are against the president’s intentions and feel further elaboration is necessary before any rash decisions are made by the commander-in-chief.

Four veterans with a wide variety of age and varying deployment experiences all spoke out against recent statements made by the President both in his public addresses and on social media.  

Check back in with Inside Eau Claire in the days to come to hear more about these four individuals’ personal thoughts on and experiences in the most powerful military in the world.