State Street construction project to begin in June

High levels of traffic and safety concerns will bring roundabouts to three State Street intersections

Scott Procter

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The Eau Claire City Council approved a construction project to begin in June that will add roundabouts to three intersections on State Street.

The roundabouts at Hamilton Avenue, MacArthur Avenue and Lexington Boulevard are meant to calm traffic flow and improve pedestrian safety crossing at the intersections.

Deputy City Engineer Leah Ness said walk audits with community members were done to identity residents’ concerns with pedestrian crossing safety chief among them.

There were 21 crashes at the Lexington and State Street intersection between 2013 and 2017. Studies done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show that roundabouts reduce injury crashes by 75 percent at intersections where traditional stop sign or signals were previously used.

Roundabouts reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions because of lower travel speeds, less conflict points and shorter crossings.