Migraines bringing new purpose to the Willow Creek Women’s Clinic

The clinic’s free class on Migraines brought together women of all backgrounds

The Willow Creek Women’s Clinic in downtown Eau Claire has a number of free classes that they offer to anyone who’s interested.

The most popular so far has been a previous class all about migraines and how they are specific to females and the hormones in their bodies.

Linda Poirier and Lauren Bresina, co-owners and practitioners at the clinic are passionate about women’s health and what it looks like to have a treatment plan for women dealing with chronic migraines.

“So our treatment approach has changed dramatically,” Poirier said. “We used to be kind of like, well we’ll start slow and see how things go. But now we know that that is not the right approach. A better approach is to hit migraine disease very aggressively very early on to prevent people from getting to the point where they’re having more and more migraines.”

To find out more about migraines or any of the upcoming free classes hosted by the clinic, you can visit their website, www.willowcreekclinic.com.