Natalie Leonardelli describes recent demonstrations on the UW-Eau Claire Campus

Student Reporter covers campus protests calling university administration to action.

On February 6th, photos surfaced of private Snapchat stories containing racist language that was created by UW-Eau Claire student, Nick Starich. The photos blew up on social media that evening after they were shared by another UW-Eau Claire student who condemned the stories on Twitter and asked for a call to action from the university administration. 

Since the initial incident, Starich has delivered an apology through his Twitter account and claims to be working with the university administration to “make things right.” Teresa O’Halloran, interim vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion, did release a brief statement that said the university is working to create a more inclusive learning community. Chancellor James Schmidt has not issued any formal statements on the incident.

In response to the incident, Students of UW-Eau Claire gathered on Feb. 11 and 12 for a sit-in demonstration inside Schofield Hall on campus.

 According to a Facebook page created for the event, the group wanted accountability from the student body and administration to improve the campus for black and other marginalized people at UW-Eau Claire.

 Today I am speaking with student reporter Natalie Leonardelli, who covered the student protests for Inside Eau Claire.