Derek Chauvin trial affects mental health of UWEC students

When thinking about the Black community, Jackson says symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD may arise after watching videos of police killings

UW-Eau Claire students of color say they have being keeping up with social justice issues but it can become exhausting. While they feel it’s important to stay informed, their mental health is affected and social media breaks are needed.

UW-Eau Claire psychology professor, Stacey Jackson, says when Black viewers watch videos of other Black people being killed by police, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression may occur.

Jackson says anyone watching these videos will feel an impact, not just Black viewers. There are layers to the effects, with race being one of them.

Jackson says Black viewers do need to take extra caution when watching these videos and keep the separation between them and the situation on video.

I spoke with Destini Wilson and Ceasar Young to reflect on their reactions to the trial and police brutality videos. I also talked to Stacey Jackson to discuss specifically how mental health is affected.