Small town life leads to life time of service

Cade Marschall

Nearing the age of 50, Terry Marschall will be coming in on year 50 of living in a small town 30 minutes south of St. Paul Minnesota called Farmington.

Whether it’s service to the community, coaching sports, starting businesses, or selling lumber, Terry has made a huge impact on the city of Farmington and the people surrounding him. When talking to the locals in Farmington, you can ask if they know Terry Marschall and the answer you’ll most likely get is, “Marlys’s kid?”

One might find it odd for a person to be living in the same place their entire life, Terry doesn’t. He knows the town like the back of his hand and takes pride in being a member of the growing community. From mowing lawns at age 14 in Farmington, to breaking sales records in the lumber industry in Farmington, Terry shares what no place like home really feels like. For Inside Eau Claire, this is Cade Marschall reporting.

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(The following story is told by Terry Marschall, to Cade Marschall)

Terry Marschall taking a work call outside his work sales office,  Dakota County Lumber in Farmington Minnesota.  ©2021 Sunny Bowman

Hi, my name is Terry Marschall. I have lived here my entire life. Forty-nine and a half years, I was born in 1972. I grew up with six sisters and two other brothers. There were nine of us. I’ve lived in four different homes, and I found I can never leave. It’s a great town to live in.

Growing up, I tried to play in every sport that was available to me. I played hockey from age eight all the way until age, well 49 and a half so far. I played baseball, I played football. Played all the way up into high school.


During the summers, I would have my own lawn business when I started at the age of 12. I did that until I was 16 and then I went to work for a house building company and worked in construction.

I actually still talk and hang out and do sporting things with a lot of kids I went to grade school and high school with. Several of them still live in Farmington and surrounding cities, and we get together quite a bit, and it’s something I cherish. To be able to keep seeing these guys that I basically, you know, grew up with.

Terry Marschall (left) and his old boss (pictured middle) and current sales teammate (right) after an alumni hockey game in Farmington Minnesota.
© 2019 Stephanie Marschall. 

Right now, I am an outside salesman for a lumber yard in Farmington. I’ve been there 30 years, I started as a truck driver. I did that for seven years, and after those seven years, I went into outside sales, and been doing it ever since. Like I said, I drove a truck for seven years and I’ve been selling for 23. I’ve been the top salesman for the last 10 to 12 years. I take pride in my job. Our company (Dakota County Lumber) has won several awards in the construction business, and I believe that part of what I do helped us get there.

 I’ve coached a lot of youth sports, whether it be hockey or football. I coached football for three or four years. I coached hockey for 10 years and even before I had kids, I coached (for Farmington) and it’s something I enjoy doing. I’ve also helped, I’ve taught Sunday school classes at the church and had volunteered a couple other times at church as well. Thank you.

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Terry Marschall is married and a father of two, living at his home of 10 years in Farmington.  Marschall says he has no intention of ever moving from the place he calls home and where he has lived for nearly 50 years.