Social drinking, acceptable or unacceptable during an ongoing pandemic

Wisconsin has been ranked as one of the drunkest states

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Local Liquor Mart’s sales expotentionally rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic

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As of March 21, 2020 it was reported that national alcohol sales increased 54% according to JAMA Network Open.

“I think the pandemic is complex, soon we will have more data and have had more of a chance to figure out how drinking patterns have changed in the pandemic,” Katie Wilson said. “There was a recent study that showed that in Wisconsin the tax revenue from alcohol increased 17% over the last fiscal year…but that’s for any sale of alcohol so that could be at a liquor store, convenient store, buying it to bring it home or at bars and restaurants and that’s based on quantity.”

Don Phillips the owner of Liquor Mart on Clairemont said that “liquor sales increased exponentially for me because of the bars being closed, my best sellers were seltzers like Truly’s and Twisted Tea’s over any type of hard alcohol.”

The World Health Organization put out a warning that alcohol use during the pandemic may exacerbate health concerns as well as risk-taking behaviors.

Eau Claire local restaurants on Water Street, on September 22, 2021, has required individuals to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination if they wish to dine there according to Samantha Nitz at WEAU.

“It’ll be a hard one for the city to pass to have places require people to show vaccination cards as there are individuals who can’t get vaccinated due to their immune system,” Wilson said.

According to Christian Smith, a reporter for the Drinks Business, Wisconsin has been ranked the drunkest state in the United States, for starters, underaged individuals can drink at places if they are with their parents, as well as bars and restaurants offers deals that are hard to resist when your judgment is impaired.”

Phillips said, “while sales have moderated this year because bars have since opened again, my sales are still booming and expect them to remain this way for a while.”

“If Wisconsin makes it even easier for individuals to not only buy alcohol but freely drink it then I can only imagine that drinking rates will increase even more than the 17% increase we just experienced,” Wilson said.

Wisconsin has a lot of two things, cheese and alcohol. “let’s not make it easier for individuals to drink,” Wilson said.