Setting the Right Vibe: How a Local Business Owner Helps Others Achieve Better Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Owner of Vibe Nutrition reflects on his own path to physical and mental fitness in order to help other do the same

Dawson Jollie, Student

 As a long-term client and partner with global nutritional company Herbalife, Charles Probst took initiative to change his own lifestyle, sick of being overweight and void of energy throughout the day. He found a sense of hope through Herbalife, hope that he wanted to share with the rest of the Eau Claire community in the form of a business that could help people escape from everyday chaos and take the time to focus on themselves. Vibe Nutrition is the embodiment of that hope.

My name is Charles Probst, I’m 64 years old. I started doing Herbalife six years ago, and I am the owner of Vibe Nutrition, owner and operator. What the business sells here is… we offer healthy breakfast, healthy lunch with an energizing tea, and a meal-replacement shake. And we also have a little shot of aloe just to make it fun. Aloe just helps to soothe your digestion.

So to preface everything with: Herbalife does not diagnose, treat nor cure any diseases. Before Herbalife, I was prediabetic, I had sleep apnea. Tired all the time, I was overweight, by uh… a lot. ) I began Herbalife and immediately noticed an increase in my energy, I just felt better. That was just in three days doing our three day trial, and went on then. My goal originally was to lose 20 pounds; my body, uh I ended up losing 58 pounds of body fat, of overall weight, and I gained 22 pounds of lean muscle. I am no longer prediabetic and I no longer have sleep apnea. I was introduced by my son about six to seven years ago, and he offered me some of the products and I tried them, I like them, but I didn’t get serious about it till like six years ago.

Since Herbalife I’ve learned, through coaching, that I received, and we’ve learned from the doctors from other coaches that have been in Herbalife for years that the healthy proteins, the healthy fats, the complex carbs not simple carbs. So just better products, better foods for your body. So that’s the biggest change, also working out, So… I did not work out before and here I am today. So I’ve done cross fit, I’ve done regular gyms with workout equipment. Currently I’m in a studio that does HIT training: high intensity interval training. Also this year I’ve been running in multiple races, and that’ll total me out at 59.6 miles in races only, not counting the training, in 2021.

Charles Probst makes a variety of nutritional shakes and teas, such as the “Blugold Tea,” to help promote healthier eating habits. © November 2021, Dawson Jollie

So I guess the biggest thing was because of my weight loss, I knew, and the products tasted great and what I learned in the short term, the quality of the products, I wanted to share that with everyone else. Sticking to a meal plan, sticking to an exercise plan, anybody can do anything, so I just wanted to share what I found.

Vibe Nutrition, we actually named it Vibe Nutrition because we wanted to give a different vibe for people. So outside of these walls there’s nothing but chaos, and stress, and you name it it’s out there. So the biggest thing that we do every time somebody walks into that door as soon as they come in its like morning, afternoon, hello! Right? With a smile, so because they don’t have that out there, we need to give it to them here. So, there’s been a few occasions where people have said to me here at the counter, ‘Charles you make this place, oh my gosh it’s so nice coming here,’ some of the reviews out here on Google and Yelp and stuff comment that it’s just so nice and relaxing and the staff here is pleasant and friendly. And that’s all we’re trying to do. It’s just to make it comfortable, no judgement zone I mean, that’s what we’re here for.

You know our memberships, the people, the customers, continually grows, we always see new people every day, every week, so a lot of this works off of referrals, so that is a big thing in our business plan, is referrals. Yeah I just see it… yeah… it’s cool. (laughter) We’re the cool club in town.