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EAU CLAIRE- In need of a furry companion? Look no further, surrounding Humane Associations are showcasing their longer-term residents that are looking for their forever home. 

Cats and dogs are waiting to be welcomed into their new families, but some have been waiting longer than others. 

Whitney, an orange domestic longhair cat, has been sitting at Chippewa Humane Society since April of 2021. 

Spencer, an orange and white domestic shorthair cat is the second-longest resident, waiting for a home at Eau Claire County Humane Association since May of 2021. 

Eau Claire County Humane Association

The Eau Claire Humane Association’s mission is to be a voice for all animals, by providing education, resources and support for the community, compassionate care for homeless animals until they can be placed in forever homes and coordination with other organizations to promote animal welfare, according to Addie Erdmann, the Marketing and Development director. 

ECCHA has four animals that have been waiting the longest for a family to take them home. 

If any of the following four long-term residents spark interest, information on the adoption process and the association’s hours of operation are available on the Eau Claire County Humane Association website.



Theo is still a baby at the young age of one year old. Theo came from Illinois with his brother Harris. His profile says they were found in the woods together. He hasn’t received enough socialization as a puppy so his new family will need to work on my confidence, training and obedience. While Theo may be energetic, he can also be a bit shy around new people. On the bright side, Theo does well with other confident dogs that can show him that other humans aren’t so bad. He is good with children, but his profile warns that if the children are running and playing, Theo will want to play with them too and can get a bit overstimulated. According to his profile, he is 95% potty trained and only has an accident once in a while.

For more information on Theo, visit his profile


Oso is a medium mixed breed. Oso is six years old and has been waiting for a home since Oct. 10, 2021. He has some Texan roots, as that is where he came from. His profile says Oso can be a bit shy towards strangers, but once he trusts them he is devoted. Oso’s favorite things to do are to play fetch and goof around outside. His guilty pleasure is having belly scratches as well as butt scratches. According to his previous owner, he knows more Spanish than English.

For more information on Oso, visit his profile


Hudson is a large mixed breed. His profile describes him with big floppy ears and a cute face. Hudson is three years old and has been waiting for that special family since January. He is a very goofy guy that loves walks and exploring my surroundings. Hudson is also easygoing. His profile says he has very long legs that make him appear much larger than his 52 pounds may suggest. Hudson’s new family will need to do a bit of training with crate training as well as basic commands. 

For more information on Hudson, visit his profile



Spencer is an orange and white domestic shorthair cat and is 10 years old. He’s been waiting for his forever home since May of 2021. Spencer has needed some tests run on him as his senior cat issues that come with age are becoming more prominent. He is diabetic and will need insulin twice a day, although he takes his insulin like a champ. Spencer also needs to eat prescription diabetic food, both wet and dry. He will need regular vet visits to make sure he is on the right amount of insulin. Aside from Spencer’s health, his profile says he is a super friendly cat who loves attention and doesn’t get into any trouble. He would do best in a quiet home without any crazy dogs, cats, or children, Spencer has a lot of life, love and cuddles to give. 

For more information on Spencer, visit his profile

Chippewa Humane Society

Chippewa Humane Society’s mission is to work with members of the community to educate all ages about the humane treatment of animals. They work closely with national and local groups to reach their mission and strengthen the connection between people and companion animals. 

“All our animals deserve to be adopted, but these longer term residents deserve to finally find their forever homes. They get stressed out in this environment and will feel so much better in an actual home,” Cherie Lun, an adoption coordinator, said.

If any of these eight long-term residents spark interest, information on the adoption process, and the society’s hours of operation, are available on its website



Chata is a pitbull mix and is three years old. Chata is up-to-date on all her shots. Chata’s profile says she loves people but can be selective with other animals and would prefer a home where she is the only animal. Chata is very energetic and loves to play fetch as well as run. She is a people pleaser and is very eager to please and would benefit from taking obedience classes with her new owner as a way to bond. Chata gets the zoomies quite often, but on the other hand, also loves to be lazy and cuddle with her people. 

For more information on Chata, visit her profile


Ellie is an Australian Cattle dog and Shiba Inu mix. She is two years old and came back to CHS back in February of 2020 and was never claimed. Ellie’s profile says she is a very energetic and spunky girl who needs room to run. She would benefit from a house where there isn’t a lot of traffic coming in and out as she does have a tough time meeting new people. Ellie can also be selective with men, it may take a few visits before she is comfortable with new people. Ellie is also very good on a leash and is not reactive towards other dogs. 

For more information on Ellie, visit her profile


Roza is a pitbull terrier at the young age of three years old. She has been at CHS for almost two years now and is eager to go home with somebody. Roza is spayed and is up-to-date on all her shots. Her profile says she is full of energy and loves to play fetch, get belly rubs as well as munch down on some treats. Roza is a sweet girl who loves the company of all people, however, she would do well in a home where she is the only pet. Roza does very well on a leash walking past other dogs and is not reactive towards other dogs unless they get up in her face. 

For more information on Roza, visit her profile


Tank is a pitbull terrier mix and is 10 years old. He is up-to-date on all his shots. The name Tank is fitting as he is weighing in at 75 pounds. Tank’s profile says he is a sweetheart and loves to play fetch as well as tug a war. He does display resource guarding with other dogs and would need to eat in a separate room. 

For more information on Tank, visit his profile



Maybel is a gray, blue and silver domestic shorthair tabby and is three years old. Maybel is up-to-date on all her vaccinations. She is a sweet and independent girl. Maybel would really prefer a quiet home with no other animals. 

For more information on Maybel, visit her profile


Whitney is an orange domestic longhair and is two years old. She is up-to-date on all her vaccinations. Whitney’s new owners won’t have to worry about spaying her as she already is. She is CHS’s longest resident and has been there since April of 2021. Whitney’s profile says she was angry when she first arrived at CHS but has since come around. She is a spunky little girl who is entertaining. She loves to play with her toys and would really prefer a home without any other animals, but she is good around other calm animals. 

For more information on Whitney, visit her profile


Tammy is a brown domestic shorthair tabby and is nine months old. Tammy was pretty scared and alone when she first arrived at CHS, she was getting better but then got ringworm and had to be isolated for several weeks with minimal interactions. She is now much better but still shy. Tammy is very sweet once she comes around and gets comfortable. She does great with other cats, but a dog would likely be too much for her. 

For more information on Tammy, visit her profile


Blackie is a domestic shorthair and is 11 years old. She is a very sweet and relaxed girl. Blackie is a bit overweight and would benefit from some weight loss. She would be able to live with other cats as long as they are calm, but would also do well in a home where it’s just her. Blackie’s profile warns that despite her age, Blackie still loves to zoom around and play. Her favorite toy right now is her tunnel. Blackie also makes the perfect lap cat. 

For more information on Blackie, visit her profile

Dunn County Humane Society

Dunn County Humane Society’s mission is to improve the lives of companion animals in the community as well as find permanent and loving adoptive homes for the animals in their care. DCHS promotes the humane treatment of animals and operates as a no-kill facility

“There are a few pairs that will need to be adopted together, like Janet and Katherine, a mom and daughter duo, as well as Nirvana and Wheezer, a brother-sister duo,” Robyn Larson, an animal caregiver, said. 

If any of these six long-term residents spark interest, information on the adoption process, and the society’s hours of operation, are available on its website



Garbanzo is a large mixed-breed dog and is two years old. He has been adopted out a few times and has been brought back each time due to him having too much energy and being too bouncy. Hopefully, the next family who takes Garbanzo home loves his energetic and bouncy personality. He is also very smart and knows a lot of tricks like sitting, shaking, lying down and playing dead. 

For more information on Garbanzo, visit his profile


Babe is a medium to large mixed breed dog and is two and a half years old. She was originally adopted from DCHS as a puppy and was surrendered back to DCHS in June of 2021. She is weary and reactive of strangers, so it takes multiple visits before gaining trust with someone she doesn’t know. Her profile says that once Babe gets to know you and knows she can trust you, she is the sweetest and funniest girl with a huge personality. 

For more information on Babe, visit her profile

Janet and Katherine

This is the mother-daughter duo, Janet and Katherine. Her daughter Janet is super playful and sweet and she loves to be around people, while the mom, Katherine, is a bit more laid back and reserved, but she does love to show off her goofy side when you’re least expecting it.

For more information on Janet and Katherine, visit their profiles



Binky is an American curl domestic longhair and is 10 and a half years old. Binky has been in and out of DCHS for a number of years. She is declawed in the front and because of that has some litter box issues, which makes Binky need a special and understanding home and family. She is a sweet and quiet girl that loves to watch out windows and lay around the house. 

For more information on Binky, visit her profile

Nirvana and Wheezer

This is the other duo at DCHS. They are brother and sister and are domestic shorthair cats. Nirvana and Wheezer are seven months old and have been here at DCHS since September of 2021. Wheezer is very shy and skittish when away from Nirvana, so he does rely on her support. They love to get treats and to play as well as run around together.

For more information on Nirvana and Wheezer, visit their profiles

Lady Lightning Toes

Lady Lightning Toes is a domestic shorthair and is four years old. She was surrendered with another cat who has since been adopted so she does well with other cats. Lady Lightning Toes was super shy up until about a month ago, but has finally come out of her shell and is now very social and chatty with everyone that walks past her kennel. 

For more information on Lady Lightning Toes, visit her profile

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