Recent UW-Eau Claire grad celebrates one year of talent management company

Sammy Wrogé, UW-Eau Claire alum and owner of Good Company Creations, established her company a year ago while she was still in school.


Bridget Kelley

Sammy Wrogé takes a video at her client’s show at The Cabin on the UW-EC campus. Her client, Sam Alesandri, performed on Feb. 11.

Bridget Kelley

Sammy Wrogé has found herself at the intersection of persistence and serendipity too many times to count, and she’s decided to just roll with it.

Wrogé, a recent UW-Eau Claire grad, wears many hats. She owns Good Company Creations, a multimedia and talent management company, where she acts as a music manager, but also a photographer, a professional hype-man and so much more.

She also recently signed on as a talent manager at UnderCurrent Entertainment, a bicoastal-based talent management company that manages musicians and influencers such as JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus.

Cyrus played a pivotal role in Wrogé’s serendipitous journey to success. Wrogé had started a fan page on Instagram for Cyrus during the pandemic. Cyrus’ manager at the time sent her some of the edits and videos Wrogé was posting, and the two got in contact. 

One thing led to another, and Wrogé found herself as a freelance project manager for Color Sound Talent, Cyrus’ talent management at the time. She oversaw projects, edited videos and ran live streams for the company. 

“I loved it. It definitely took up a lot of my time,” Wrogé said “… As time went on, I felt like I wasn’t getting as much work as I wanted to do.”

After a few months, Wrogé broke her contract with Color Sound and decided to start her own talent management company. Working with Color Sound and her subsequent friendship with Cyrus was her foot-in-the-door moment in the industry, but she wanted to incorporate her love of music with what she was doing, so she decided to manage both influencers and musicians.  

And soon, Good Company Creations was born. 

Her company got its name from the song “Good Company” from the Disney movie “Oliver and Company,” which resonated with Wrogé so much as a child that she got a tattoo of the phrase even before the inception of her business.

In the first year after her company’s birth, Wrogé was still in school, but she utilized that to her advantage. Her computer science professor helped her with coding her website, and her final semester was spent primarily in directed or independent studies. 

“I was fortunate enough to overlap school with my company,” she said, “It was very helpful and very nice because then I was able to work like one-on-one with professors and it kind of implemented like the things that I’m learning in my major, my minor, my certificate, and then combined that with my company — something that I will continue to pursue.”

She worked one-on-one with professors to build content schedules for clients, as well as learned how to work on campaigns and strategic planning. 

Music management has always been an interest of Wrogé’s, and her die-hard fanaticism of the singer Meghan Trainor opened her eyes to the world of music management. 

“It’s interesting because the content creation side and working with [Color Sound] at the time opened up the doors to like the music side of things,” she said. “So really, that was like the pivoting point of me starting to get into the career that I wanted to pursue.”

Wrogé’s talent spans the country, from Chippewa Falls native Emm K, as well as Ohio-based musician Sam Alesandri. Alesandri recently performed at UW-Eau Claire as a part of the Cabin Series put on by the Student Senate University Activities Commission.

Alesandri opened for Carol Ades at the Cabin, which was a dream she had since seeing Ades perform on tour with Lizzy McAlpine. Wrogé took Alesandri to the show in September, and they both fell in love with Ades’ voice.

“I said it jokingly,” Alesandri said. “Like, ‘How cool would it be if I opened up for Carol Ades?’ and then Sammy made it happen.”

Prior to graduating, Wrogé was the activities chair for UAC, which made booking the musicians that much easier. Perhaps not serendipity, but definitely a full-circle moment for the two. 

Alesandri signed with Good Company Creations officially in December, but the two had been working together prior to that. 

Wrogé first discovered Alesandri on TikTok, and had messaged her through TikTok direct messages to inquire about representing her.

“I remember when I picked her up from the airport,” Wrogé recounted, “and we were just talking, she was like ‘you know, if you were not as persistent as you were, I would not be sitting in a car with you right now.’”

Alesandri was the second musician to sign with the fledgling talent company, following Chippewa Falls-born Emm K, who signed on with Good Company Creations last March.

Emm K signed only a few months after the company’s creation, while Wrogé was still in school. Emm K has spent the past year playing shows in the Eau Claire area, as well as across the Midwest. 

Emm K said Wrogé is in the process of building her a professional website, and the two are working on some upcoming projects.

Wrogé hopes that Good Company Creations continues to grow and gain clients and to continue doing what she loves.