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Disabled students encounter obstacles on campus

By Matt Halverson Living with a physical disability can transform the simplest activities into a problematic experience. Something as mundane as an ankle sprain generates newfound difficulty in daily tasks. The three harmless steps on the front porch become a formidable barrier. An awkward shove on the bus becomes an awkward scene. Physical disabilities can

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Obesity rates are climbing, but hope is coming in Wisconsin

By Taylor Pomasl and Elizabeth Gosling Mariah Ruehle goes out to parties, treats herself to ice cream after writing a long paper and sprawls out on the couch to watch Netflix. The 20-year-old college student, however, made a commitment last summer and hasn’t turned her back on it since. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire criminal

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UW-Eau Claire students of color report feeling unwelcome

By Taylor Pomasl and Allison Anhalt Joel Sweeny prefers to sit in the back of his University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire classes. When topics of diversity are brought up, he says, he is often singled out to speak on an entire race’s behalf. Sweeney, an African American student, says that how people on campus see him

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