Blugold Radio WUEC

UW-Eau Claire's student radio station.

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Inside Eau Claire

The work of UW-Eau Claire student journalists.

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The Spectator

UW-Eau Claire's student newspaper.

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Another headline goes here

This is sample body text.  To delete this and other sample content, click on Manage under the Stories tab in your WordPress dashboard and just trash the stories that you no longer want to see. It is probably in your best interest to wait to trash these stories until after you have added your own

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Customize the look and feel of your site

The look and feel of this site is created by a combination of style and layout choices. To help get you started, your site came with a preselected style, but you can change this preset style to create a different baseline look. You can change the fonts, background, general appearance, and even your site’s favicon

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Avoid double story placement

If you place stories in more than one category, say both Showcase and Sports, the story will display in both of these sections on the homepage.  The recommend way of working with this is to place a story in the Showcase category first, and then once other stories have displaced it as a top story,

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Help is just a click away

Having trouble with something on the site?  Help is only a click away. Go to to access all of our support materials and submit a support ticket if you can’t find the answers you are looking for.