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Chippewa Valley is taking strides to improve veteran-specific addiction and mental health services

By Sydney Purpora It was May 2005 and David Carlson, who was about 21 years old at the time, had been in the U.S. Army National Guard for a little under a year. After searching for HVTs for hours in 100 degree weather on foreign ground and finding nothing of interest, Carlson and his dismounted

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Social media addiction negatively impacts college students

By Erica Jones and Elizabeth Gosling After a long day of high school, Brian Ellingboe, who is now 20 years old, intended to go home and sit down to face his homework. Instead, he would let the “pings” of social media notifications take his attention elsewhere. “Back in high school, when I was addicted to

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Treatment courts provide an alternative to incarceration

 By Nicole Bellford She had lost custody of her first two children. She was five months pregnant with her third child. Her teeth had begun falling out. In early 2016, Jaclyn Reidel said she decided she had finally reached a breaking point in her battle with a methamphetamine addiction that had lasted nearly two decades.

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