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Professor brings awareness to deaf culture in Eau Claire

By Annemarie Payson In this silent classroom, bodily movement does the talking and the words couldn’t be any more clear. This is the everyday classroom lesson plan for Nicole Jones. No spoken words are ever exchanged between student and teacher. “It really is the best way to learn American Sign Language,” Jones said. Jones is

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Eau Claire fitness instructor becomes studio owner

By Jenna Ambrosius One woman went from running around taking care of children to running around in a fitness studio. After taking Zumba classes at a local gym, Emily Balow, owner of Dragonfly Dance and Wellness, decided to become a certified Zumba instructor and began leading classes once a week at the studio under its

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Abused animals shape Eau Claire caretaker’s career

By Taylor Pomasl Tammy Schimmel gently lifted an injured cat from its kennel, the open wound on its back glistening. She held it in her arms for a few moments, kissing the animal’s forehead and laying her on the examination table. A bad case of ringworm had devastated the cat physically, and Tammy held in

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