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UW-Eau Claire joins the #MeToo movement with photo campaign and new organization

By Nicole Bellford “Me too.” When put together, these two words have been used to create a national movement regarding sexual assault. The phrase trended on Twitter for weeks at the end of 2017 and helped broaden the conversation about the culture of sexual assault, especially in athletics and the workplace.  The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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Uber and Lyft approach their one year anniversaries in Eau Claire

 By Allison Anhalt Uber and Lyft are approaching one year of operation in Eau Claire, and some are benefitting from the services, but others wish there were more restraints. Some area drivers of the rideshare program use the service to supplement income, while area taxi company questions the insurance policies of these out-of-town businesses. 

Local Musician Credits Eau Claire for Musical Success

Matt Hasenmueller didn’t start singing until he was 16. In fact, he didn’t even know he could sing. “Originally, I thought I couldn’t sing,” said Hassenmueller, “I just liked a girl in choir so I joined and that’s when I found out I could sing well. It just came super natural.” Local artist Matt Hasenmueller,

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Eau Claire Poverty Summit moves toward final phase

By Nicole Bellford It all began as a community conversation. Nearly 10 years ago, when former Eau Claire City Manager, Michael Huggins, helped form Clear Vision, a citizen-based community visioning and strategic planning initiative, he wasn’t sure what kinds of problems the program was going to tackle. By 2015, rising poverty levels in Eau Claire

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Obesity rates are climbing, but hope is coming in Wisconsin

By Taylor Pomasl and Elizabeth Gosling Mariah Ruehle goes out to parties, treats herself to ice cream after writing a long paper and sprawls out on the couch to watch Netflix. The 20-year-old college student, however, made a commitment last summer and hasn’t turned her back on it since. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire criminal

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Treatment courts provide an alternative to incarceration

 By Nicole Bellford She had lost custody of her first two children. She was five months pregnant with her third child. Her teeth had begun falling out. In early 2016, Jaclyn Reidel said she decided she had finally reached a breaking point in her battle with a methamphetamine addiction that had lasted nearly two decades.

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Local author finds human connection through his writing

By Evan Hong The summer sun rose over the small town of Hayward, Wisconsin, giving light to a new day. Hardly anyone walked the streets at 6:30 a.m., as most people sought the maximum amount of sleep before their early morning shifts. But there sat Dalton Hessel, all alone in the local coffee shop with

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ECCT Director Opens The Curtain On Another Show

By Kailin Schumacher  The lights go out. The curtain drops and the auditorium bursts into applause. Behind the curtain children scream and giggle as they prepare for curtain call. The kids all take their turns bowing and receiving hoots and hollers from the audience. The audience members rise from their seats to give a standing

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Red’s Mercantile Owner Supports Women through Grant

By Lexi Ehlenbeck Becca Cooke stood behind the counter. Her hands moved back and forth methodically as she prepared pieces of jewelry for display in her store. She spoke as she worked; eyes watching the store, hands on the merchandise. “I had always had this desire to be my own boss,” said Cooke. This dream came

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Beauty pageants help sexual assault victim find healing

By Kenzie Mueller A typical Monday for Sara Axness begins with a morning meeting to discuss the week’s events, followed by a brainstorming session to think of new leads, and, if there is time, a lunch break before dashing off to a client meeting. As the afternoon rolls around, a second, if not third cup

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