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Beauty pageants help sexual assault victim find healing

By Kenzie Mueller A typical Monday for Sara Axness begins with a morning meeting to discuss the week’s events, followed by a brainstorming session to think of new leads, and, if there is time, a lunch break before dashing off to a client meeting. As the afternoon rolls around, a second, if not third cup

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Entrepreneur promotes feminism, community with store

By Samantha West If someone had told Rebecca Cooke a few years ago that she was going to open a home goods store in her hometown, she swears she wouldn’t have believed it. “I think a few years ago, I wasn’t here … and I think being home inspired this mindset,” said Cooke, 28. But

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Eau Claire native returns to open home goods store

By Amanda Thao With a modern white exterior and vast windows, pedestrians squint past the afternoon sun for a closer look at Red’s Mercantile, the new home goods store located on the corner of Wisconsin and North Dewey Street. Through its metal-handled red door, the shop is full of filtered sunlight and surrounded in warm

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