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UW-Eau Claire student transforms on-campus TV station

By Luke Young Most people wouldn’t start filling out a job application if it was due within the hour. Then again most people aren’t Matt Peterson. “I wasn’t going to do it, because I didn’t think I’d been here long enough,” Peterson said. “I didn’t think I was qualified.” After only one year of working

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Software engineer gives a helping hand in China

By Sidan Qi It was harvest time in a small village of Qinghai, China. Seeing villagers reap wheat with their shovels, Greg Munson decided to join them. As soon as he took up the shovel, the villagers burst into laughter at his failed attempts to harvest wheat. “I thought if all the technology went away,

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Abused animals shape Eau Claire caretaker’s career

By Taylor Pomasl Tammy Schimmel gently lifted an injured cat from its kennel, the open wound on its back glistening. She held it in her arms for a few moments, kissing the animal’s forehead and laying her on the examination table. A bad case of ringworm had devastated the cat physically, and Tammy held in

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