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Eau Claire resident impacts the local fitness community

By Kelsey O’Connor Heart pumping, sweat dripping down his face; he pushes with the last of his energy to get the bar back up one more time. He has reached muscle failure. Exhausted from today’s workout he grabs his gear and heads to the locker room to get ready for the rest of the school

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Eau Claire Mexican community rejects Trump’s wall

By Mackenzie Amundsen As Donald Trump claims his spot as the Republican nominee in the presidential race, his recent campaign stop in Eau Claire takes on new significance. More than 1,600 people attended his rally at Memorial High School. The crowd chanted in support of his plans to build a wall and stop the flow

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Record store owner revives Eau Claire’s love for music

By Parker Reed Eau Claire music lovers finally have a place to discover new music, meet new people, and feed their desire for all things vinyl thanks to one small business owner. “The first time I stepped into the original Revival Records,” Ryan Miller says, “I noticed something very out of the ordinary compared to

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